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Lagom 1 Lagom 2
Lagom 3


"Not too much. Not too little. Just right." Lagom is a Swedish lifestyle concept that is all about creating balance and harmony in all aspects of life. It follows Hygge in a series of scandi trends set to be big in the interior design world.  

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Wedding Inspiration 1 Wedding Inspiration 2
Wedding Inspiration 3

Wedding Inspiration

From elegant black tie glamour to romantic fairytales, our furniture will add the finishing touches to any wedding

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New Trends 1 New Trends 2
New Trends 3

New Trends

Gold accents, vibrant velvets and bold pigments are only some of the hottest design trends this season. Have a look at our newest ranges.

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All About The Cars 1 All About The Cars 2
All About The Cars 3

All About The Cars

We love cars at Furniture On The Move. From classic car shows to furnishing the Top Gear set, its always a pleasure to see our beautiful leather and steel furniture surrounding all manor of motor machines!

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Happy Hour 1 Happy Hour 2
Happy Hour 3

Happy Hour

Whether its an outdoor event, festival, summer party, or just an excuse for a drink outside - our range of fabulous outdoor furniture impresses not only the London bars we supply to, but also the huge variety of outdoor events and festivals throughout the year. 

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Al Fresco 1 Al Fresco 2
Al Fresco 3

Al Fresco

Summer is on the way and with this range of furniture, you are sure to make the most of it. Check out our amazing deck chairs as well as many other new items coming soon!

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Louis XVI 1 Louis XVI 2
Louis XVI 3

Louis XVI

This is where it all began! Furniture On The Move's first items were inspired by a Louis XVI event that started our company. With luxurious ranges now in Valbonne, Moulin Noir and Versailles, these beautiful pieces speak for themselves and add a timeless elegance to any event.

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Lighting 1 Lighting 2
Lighting 3


Lighting plays an equally important role in the furnishing of an event as the furniture. Too bright and its uninviting, too dark and its claustrophobic. With our range of standard lamps, floor lamps and chandeliers, you can get just the right look. Ask about our filament light bulbs too. 

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Upholstered 1 Upholstered 2
Upholstered 3


Statement pieces are a large part of furnishing live events. With these ranges of oversized upholstered armchairs and sofas, you are sure to get a few heads turning.

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Industrial and Reclaimed 1 Industrial and Reclaimed 2
Industrial and Reclaimed 3

Industrial and Reclaimed

This is what Furniture On The Move has come to excel at over the last few years. With our ever increasing ranges, unique designs and inventive up-cycling, the industrial range is sure to impress, whether its outside at a festival or inside at a corporate event.

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Dressed in Black 1 Dressed in Black 2
Dressed in Black 3

Dressed in Black

Sleek and stylish, a touch of black furniture really adds to the environment, whatever the colour of the surroundings. With our new Lux ranges and our Moulin black styles, you can create a beautiful environment with just a few simple statement pieces.

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White 1 White 2
White 3


A beautiful collection of our white furniture. From LED wireless lit tables, to state of the art lamps. From gorgeous white dressing room mirrors to white chesterfields and beautiful French chairs. From beautiful weddings to. the chic minimalism of art galleries. There is something for all tastes here. 

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  • The quality of the furniture was outstanding and they put careful thought into putting each dressing room together to make our backstage area a great place for artists to hang out.

    BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend

  • The furniture looked brilliant and really helped us to create a more relaxed atmosphere. The event was a great success and all of our guests have commented on how great the space looked. A big thank you to Furniture On The Move

    Rebecca Elcome on behalf of BAFTA

  • Great feedback from guests at the event, lovely furniture - can't wait to work with you again. Thank You!

    Rosie Leach on behalf of Tate Entertaining

  • A big thank you to the Furniture On The Move Team for constantly providing stylish and up to date furniture

    BBC Let It Shine

  • Furniture On The Move have a cavern of gorgeousness of furniture and other accessories to style your event

    Claire Hardy on behalf of You Are So Invited

  • How excited I was to find Furniture On The Move. Having struggled for years sourcing and hiring individual dressing room items, I finally found a company that provided a 'one stop shop' for my events.

    Firehouse Productions

  • Such a pleasure to work with the team in the office and their install teams are great too.

    Olivia Griffith on behalf of Fisher Productions