Our Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

General Questions


Should I hire or buy furniture for my event?

Buying the furniture for your event is perfectly fine, however, it can be expensive. Along with what can be a logisitical nightmare.
When hiring our furniture we can take care of the setting up along with collection of the furniture.


How do I place an order?

You can find the furniture you wish to order on our website and submit a hire list.
Alternatively, our team are more than happy to pick up the phone and go through the order.


Is everything that you offer on your website?

Yes, however, we can offer bespoke services.


How do I find out about your stock quantities?

You can submit your hire list to us, and we’ll reply with the quantities of what you require. Alternatively give us a quick call on 0845 459 9875.


Which items are suitable for outdoor use?

You can find our recommended outdoor furniture here.


What is your standard rental period?

1-4 days, typically to allow a day for install, 2 days for the event and a day to take it out.


What happens if I damage the furniture?

We will attempt to clean/repair damaged furniture, if this cannot be done we will pass on the replacement cost listed on the quote.


Is the furniture sustainable?

As a rental business we are happy to be contributing to our industry moving away from a single use mentality and towards one of long term sustainability. We work with responsible, prioritise eco-friendly materials and consider our products environmental impact through their entire life-cycle.


Can I come see the furniture?

We don’t have a showroom but you can get in touch with our team to book a tour of our working warehouse.


Can you help me design/style my event space?

We love design! Send us your moodboards and floorplans and our team will suggest the furniture for your event.


How do your hire periods work?



Payments & Ordering Questions



Is there a minimum order?

Yes, £500. Location dependant.


Can I reserve / put items on hold?

Your items can be held once the job is confirmed. We cannot hold items on a quote only basis.


Is there a price list available?

Yes we can send you prices based on a 1-4 day hire. Prices do not include transport or crew for the above reason.


How do I confirm an order?

By phone or email is fine. Once we receive the go-ahead from you, we send you an E-contract to sign to confirm the job. Once completed your items are reserved for you.


Can I pay by credit card?

Yes you can. Company cards incur a 3% fee


What is your payment process / do you take a deposit?

No need for a deposit. Once the e-contract is signed, then simply pay the invoice in full before the event day.


What happens if I need to cancel?

Your items are safely booked out to you as soon as you confirm. If you do need to cancel, you may do so up to 21 days before the event free of charge.


Can I add to my order?

Yes sure! Subject to availability and as long as the drivers haven’t left with your job!


Why is there no way to receive an automatic quote?

Quoting on an event has an enormous number of variables that often make it very difficult to provide an automatic quote. Length of hire, accessibility, timings, loading bay restrictions all have an affect on how we crew the event and how we transport it. Providing a bespoke quote gives you all of the details required to provide you a turnkey solution for your event.



Delivery Related Questions



Do you deliver to London? (or other locations)

We can deliver across the country and overseas.


Can you deliver out of hours?

Yes, any time, anywhere across the country (subject to availability)


Will your crew set up the furniture for us?

If quoted, our crew will setup.

  • The quality of the furniture was outstanding and they put careful thought into putting each dressing room together to make our backstage area a great place for artists to hang out.

    BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend

  • The furniture looked brilliant and really helped us to create a more relaxed atmosphere. The event was a great success and all of our guests have commented on how great the space looked. A big thank you to Furniture On The Move

    Rebecca Elcome on behalf of BAFTA

  • Great feedback from guests at the event, lovely furniture - can't wait to work with you again. Thank You!

    Rosie Leach on behalf of Tate Entertaining

  • A big thank you to the Furniture On The Move Team for constantly providing stylish and up to date furniture

    BBC Let It Shine

  • Furniture On The Move have a cavern of gorgeousness of furniture and other accessories to style your event

    Claire Hardy on behalf of You Are So Invited

  • How excited I was to find Furniture On The Move. Having struggled for years sourcing and hiring individual dressing room items, I finally found a company that provided a 'one stop shop' for my events.

    Firehouse Productions

  • Such a pleasure to work with the team in the office and their install teams are great too.

    Olivia Griffith on behalf of Fisher Productions